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The Fire Sale Offer is a proven marketing technique that works. You know that you should be using a Fire Sale on your pages, but are you?

Coming up with a good Fire Sale Offer is hard work.

You have to find all the products and buy them.

You have to write the sales letter that will actually sell.

You also have to make the download page.

Well, I have done all the hard work of finding all the products and creating  the  Fire Sale offer page and download page.

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Let's Take A Look At The 500 Master Resale
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Product #1 "Content Creation Secrets"
Master Resell Rights


Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets Of Highly Successful Information Marketers In Growing A Virtually Content Rich Empire Of Money Making Sites... & How To Have Quality Content On Demand Almost Overnight!



Product #2 "Super Sign Up System"
Master Resell Rights

Your Auto Responder Will Be Working Harder Than An Outsourced Staff Of 20 People!




Product #3 "eBay Profit Pack"
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Top Up Both Your PayPal & ClickBank Accounts Simultaneously & Earn A Massive 100% Commission Paid Instantly Into Your PayPal Account!



Product #4 "Affiliate Marketing Profits"
Private Label Rights

Brand-New  Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Affiliate Marketing.



Product #5 "Kick Start Your Coaching Program"
Master Resell Rights

Discover How To Add Another Digit To Your Monthly Profits Through Starting Your Own Highly Successful, Smash Hit Coaching Program!




Product #6 "Article Marketing Made Easy"
Master Resell Rights

How Would You Like to Start Attracting Targeted Traffic To Your Website and Get Top Search Engine Rankings?



Product #7 "Video Web Wizard"
Master Resell Rights

Introducing Video Web Wizard... The Easy Way For You To Start Using & Profiting With Online Video!




Product #8 "Garage Sale Graphics"
Master Resell Rights

Nickel & Dime Your Way To A Better Looking Website With Our Easy To Use Graphics ...Now You Can Look Great And Keep More Money In Your Pocket!




Product #9 "Weight Loss Oracle"
Master Resell Rights

Attention: Do you want to start profiting from of the HOTTEST niches on the web today? I will help you with this complete weight loss package...



Product #10 "Authors Library"
Master Resell Rights

Your Own Instant Clickbank Store

There are over 300 products and all it takes to customize the whole site for yourself is copy and paste and find and replace.



Product #11 "Personal Blogging"
Master Resell Rights

Could You Blog If Your Financial Future Depended On It? "

In this Personal Blogging video series, you will learn how to set up your own Personal Blog and some branding techniques which will help to promote your work



Product #12 "Testimonials Generator"
Master Resell Rights

Testimonials Generator makes it simple and quick to create authentic, compelling testimonials - without stressing or slaving over the "right" words.  Each one includes real details that go much farther than your typical "Great job! This product really saved me money!" testimonial would.



Product #13 "ClickBank ATM Machine"
Master Resell Rights


Let Me Show You How To Take A Quality Digital Product And Get The High Powered Professional ClickBank Affiliates To Promote It!




Product #14 "Brand Dynamics"
Master Resell Rights

Discover The Secrets To Dynamically Skyrocket Your Sales, Position Yourself As #1 In The Minds Of Your Prospects And Beat Your Competitors Flat!




Product #15 "Public Domain Survival Kit"
Master Resell Rights

You Wouldn't Try Hiking Up Mt. Everest Wearing Flipflops and a Speedo with a 1922 Map of Tuscaloosa as Your Guide...

Would You? So Why Would You Try to Find and Use Public Domain Works in Your Business Without Having the RIGHT Tools to Guarantee Your Success?




Product #16 "IPC Audio Wizard"
Master Resell Rights

The Easiest Way To Create Unlimited Audio Buttons For Your Web Sites, E-Books, Ebay Auctions And More...



Product #17 "Celebrity Blogging"
Master Resell Rights

Breakthrough Step-By-Step Secret Methods Finally Caught On Video... Showing How Average Joes & Janes Turn Into Power-House, Celebrity Blogging




Product #18 "PDF Domination"
Master Resell Rights

Find Out EXACTLY What People Want, Create A Product Around It And Watch Them Wave Their Cash In Front Of Your Face!




Product #19 "Super Simple Money Saving Tips"
Private Label Rights

Brand-New  Private Label Series Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers How To Cut Costs, Reduce Spending and Save Money



Product #20 "Economic Recession"
Master Resell Rights

Is The Economic Recession Weighing You Down? Know How  To Become The Fittest To Survive  During The Tough Times!



Product #21 "Social Networking Supercharged"
Master Resell Rights

If You Are Not Using Facebook Marketing to Drive Traffic and Sales to Your Websites You Are Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity




Product #22 "Resale Rights Marketer"
Master Resell Rights

Underground Marketer Teaches You Step By Step To Creating Massive Profits Without Ever Creating Your Own Product!



Product #23 "Ask Me Pro"
Master Resell Rights

Finally An Easy Way To Completely Take The Guesswork Out Of Selling Online!

 Using A Powerfull Proven System That Simply Cannot Fail



Product #24 "Mighty Website"
Master Resell Rights

Do You Sell With Mini-Sites?

New Mini-Site Templates To Improve Your Online Image, Gain More Trust And Rake In More Sales...




Product #25 "Forum Submitter Pro"
Master Resell Rights

Discover How A Simple Point and Click Piece Of Software Can Help Increase Your Sales, Traffic and Backlinks That The Search Engines Absolutely Love!




Product #26 "The Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit"
Master Resell Rights

I will take you by the hand and show you from the very beginning, the core skills that you need to have so you can start generating traffic and making money. It's really that simple



Product #27 "EZ Ebook Template Package"
Master Resell Rights

Grab 4 New Professional Ebook Template Designs In Strikingly Brilliant Colors!




Product #28 "Super Affiliate Plan"
Private Label & Master Resell Rights

Dominate Niche Markets And Crush Your Competition! Once You've Mastered These Techniques, The Sky Is The Limit.




Product #29 "3 Steps To Newbie Success""
FULL Private Label Rightss

The Simple 3-Step System To Succeeding Online! Simple, Informative And Straight To The Point.




Product #30 "Product Creation Crash Course"
Private Label Rights

Brand-New  Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers The Basics of Product Creation.




Product #31 "Peels Away Ads V2"
Master Resell Rights

Let's Face It: Customers Are Sick To Death of Pop-Ups, Fly-Ins, and Pop-Unders! So That Means They're Probably Running From Your Site Like A Bad Smell!.




Product #32 "Twitter For IM Professionals"
Private Label Rights

Brand-New Private Label Ecourse Lets You Easily Teach Your Customers and Subscribers How To Harness The Awesome Power Of Twitter To Successfully Promote Their Own Internet Business.



Product #33 "Ideas For Fun & Celebrations"
Master Resell Rights

Know How To Organize The Best Christmas Surprise Everyone With A Superb Party & New Christmas Ideas From The Traditional To the Contempary 



Product #34 "Greatest Research Tool Ever"
Master Resell Rights

Stop slacking off and start making millions utilizing free online tools that give you accurate statistics, ideas and information!



Product #35 "Instant Membership Site Creator"
Master Resell Rights

Are you Looking for an Easy Solution to Create a Password Protected Membership Site?

Forget all Complicated Membership Scripts!  No more Script Installation, uploading and setup.  Instant Membership Site Creator is an easy to use Tool to create Password Protected Membership Websites.



Product #36 " The Easy Bank Method"
Master Resell Rights

Have You Been Looking For A Money Making Method That Is Not Only Easy But Can Be Scaled To Earn You Barrels Full Of Cold Hard Cash?  




Product #37 "Classic Novels Collection"
Master Resell Rights

Some of the Greatest Fiction Classics of all time. Delivered in PDF Format so they can be viewed on any computer, or even on your PDF capable PDA device.!




Product #38 "Turn 1 Hour Into $250"
Master Resell Rights

Making money is not as hard as you think. Excellent Source Of Information! Perfect Add-On To Your Collection.



Product #39 "Twitter Traffic Swarm"
Master Resell Rights

How I Get More Traffic From This Newly-Tapped (And FREE) Source Than Most Big Spenders Blow-Through In Their Paid Accounts!



Product #40 "Magic Bullets"
Master Resell Rights

We'll Give You 24 Magic Bullets To Run Your New Membership Site Completley On Auto-Pilot



Product #41Webinars A-Z"
Private Label Rights

Webinars A-Z-Your Ultimate Guide to Online Success. What are Webinars and Why Should You Care!



Product #42 "Public Domain Prowler"
Master Resell Rights

Discover the Breakthrough Software Program That Enables You to Take Full Advantage of Public Domain Information & Send Your Internet Business Profits Skyrocketing!



Product #43 "Resell Right Boot Camp"
Master Resell Rights

You're About To Launch A Resell Rights Attack  So Deadly That Your Visitors Will Instantly Throw Up Their White Flag And Surrender To Your Will



Product #44 "Master Guide To Product Creation"
Master Resell Rights

Are You Worrying Yourself Sick Trying To Create A Product So You Won't Have To Depend On Your Merchant?

Well We Have A Solution To That Problem In The Next 10 Minutes!



Product #45 "10 OTO Templates"
Master Resell Rights



Product #46 "CPA Marketing 101"
Master Resell Rights

If You Are Not Using the Power of Cost Per Action Offers to Make Money Online You Are Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity.

Shockingly, most people don't even know how easy it is to start making money from the Cost Per Action networks today.!



Product #47 "Twitter Explosion Videos"
Master Resell Rights

If You Follow These Simple Steps and Start Experimenting with Twitter, you will see your profits explode, as you gain a true asset to your business.




Product #48 "All Rights Made Easy"
Master Resell Rights

If you've ever tried to sort through the world of resell rights, you probably noticed there a nearly a dozen terms bandied about as if everyone knows what they mean. This will give you the answers to your questions.



Product #49 "Unleash Financial Giant"
Master Resell Rights


What is it that makes some people richer and richer and others poorer and poorer? The answer lies in Unleashing The Financial Giant that resides within the mind of each and every one of us.



Product #50 "47 Turnkey Websites"

Master Resell Rights



Product #51-250 "Turn Key eBook Store"
Master Resell Rights

Are You Serious About Getting Your Very Own Automated Ebook Website?.

The Entire Store, Including All Features; Pre-Loaded With 200 Products!



Product #251-500 "OTO Mega Pack"

Get Master Resell Rights to 250 High Quality, Hot Selling Products!

10 OTO businesses in a box complete with sales pages.

OTO Package 1

OTO Package 2

OTO Package 3

OTO Package 4

OTO Package 5

OTO Package 6

OTO Package 7

OTO Package 8

OTO Package 9

OTO Package 10


You Also Get Your Very Own Copy of This Page to Use in Your Own Fire Sale!

That's right, you get everything you see here . . . everything you need to turn this into your own profitable Fire Sale Offer!

Sales Page


Download Page


So the big question is...


How Much Should You Invest In Your Very Own Cash Producing One-Time-Offer Page?

The Cash Producing Package could easily sell for at least $97.  

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Im limiting this price to the first 50 copies sold .

That's less than $.05 for each master resale rights product.

If you have a slow internet connection, this package may not be for you.

Pricing Schedule:

# Of Orders: Current Price:
First 50 17  Orders (left at this price) $19.97
Orders 51  - 100 $38.00
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If you think that this offer is risky because of the "no refund" policy or don't have any plans with these products, then I advise you to leave the page and not buy. But if you're serious about your Internet Marketing business and have solid plans on using these products in the future, then I urge you to act upon this offer right now!

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